Online Casino Payment Methods

All avid gamblers know the best options at funding their hobby. For land-based casinos, the process is straightforward, you either use cash for your wagers or you use your credit card. Ever since I’ve transitioned to online casinos, I have had to acquaint myself with new kinds of payment methods. In my years of gambling at online casinos, I’ve tried a few of these payment methods, but like any artisan in his trade, I’ve stuck to one kind for a number of years. But to all would-be gamblers, here are the different types of payment methods for online gambling.

Fund Transfer and Debit Cards

This is a very easy method to send money to online casinos. Many banks across the country have very secure ways of transferring funds. Customers simply have to fill out a form with their card details or account number and submit it. The funds should appear in your online casino account without any hitch.

Credit Card


For a number of decades, Visa has maintained its reputation as being the largest payment method network around the world. One very huge benefit to using Visa at online casinos is it is accepted at almost every establishment. When I use my Visa, I never have to fear that it will get declined (unless it’s maxed out). This is one reason why I used Visa when I first ventured into online gambling.


This is also another credit card with a very good reputation across the world. Like Visa, MasterCard is accepted worldwide and in almost all online casinos. It has a reputed safe and reliable transaction. Personally, I use MasterCard for all my online transactions not because I prefer it but it is what my bank offered and I’ve never had any issues with it.



In recent years, PayPal has gained popularity because of its relative ease of use and reliability in transferring funds. More and more online casinos have begun allowing PayPal as an alternative payment method. I have never tried using PayPal but from what I’ve heard from my friends, they have never had any issues with it.


This is an emerging start-up that has gained a lot of attention and success. Before it gained significant popularity, Neteller has been a common payment method in online casinos and poker rooms. A few of my online gambling friends have used Neteller’s service in the past without much incident. Today, it still maintains a notable presence as a preferred payment method in online gambling.

Offline Payment

Bank wire

At the beginning of the online gambling boom, most transactions used bank wire. But as more and more payment methods became available, bank wire has fallen in popularity. There is still a significant portion of online gamblers who use this service.

Western Union

Western Union offers both offline and online payment transfer. Customers can simply use their phone to transfer funds or go to a Western Union outlet and fill out a form.