How To Sign Up To A Casino

I remember vaguely the first time I signed up to my first online casino. For years I have only just gambled with friends or in land-based casinos but the buzz that online casinos were making that time was hard to resist. I got curious and with minimal research, signed up to one. I ultimately had to look for a different casino that suited more of my needs but I will always remember the feeling of curiosity and excitement coursing through me as I played my first online games. I imagine times are different now. With so many online casinos popping up every few months, newbies will find it harder to decide on which casino to try first. But I assure you that’s the only difficult part. The rest of the sign-up process is a breeze. Here is my personal guide at signing up to a casino. (Info taken fromĀ

A Guide to Signing Up


If I could go back in time and do things differently, it would be spending more time doing research on the available choices of casinos I have. Back then, I merely glanced at the name and when I find a theme or graphics I liked, I clicked “sign up” without any thought. It turned out okay, there was no harm done but I wasted time on a casino I ultimately had to leave. The most important thing to consider is knowing what you are looking for in an online casino and matching it with the choices available. Make sure they are highly reputable with a clean track record. They also have to have all your preferred machines and table games. Some casinos offer live games while others pride themselves on their ambiance.

Background Checks

Because these establishments deal with huge sums of money, an integral step before signing up is doing a thorough background check on your choices. Note, casinos that operate under different countries are subject to different laws that might be different from the ones you are used to. Make sure that customer funds are separate from company funds and these can be found in the Terms & Conditions page. An independent audit record should also be available for public viewing to ensure that their operation is legitimate.

Signing Up

When I first signed up to an online casino, I expected them to ask for my personal information. This doesn’t seem to have changed nowadays, online casinos will still ask for details such as name, sex, date of birth, email address, etc. Note, when providing for your username and password, make sure you save them in a secure location for easy access in the future.


Not all casinos will allow new players to play immediately after signing up. Most of them will require you to verify your identity. This is pretty standard. In order to provide proof of identity, you can send them a copy of your passport along with your credit card or bank statement. Once verified, then you can start to explore all the possible games you can play within the casino.