How To Get Free Spins

Who doesn’t want to get free stuff? I certainly do. Free anything is the best especially when all you have to do is sit in front of your computer and you are given a chance to make money. This is why I find online casinos so alluring. Land-based casinos are very stringent in their rules. They go to great lengths to make sure they maximize their income without their customers knowing so freebies in these casinos are almost non-existent. But online casinos are different. Because they are still an emerging market, they are still in the process of attracting people into their doors and they do this through a number of ways including offering free stuff. One very common way online casinos attract players is through free spins. Free spins are a popular form of promotion over others because it gives players a chance to register in the casino to possibly win real money and increasing their bankroll.

Different Kinds of Free Spins

No Deposit Free Spins

This is one very popular free spin because players are not required to make any deposit. They can sign up and start playing and a good chance of winning real money. This is one tactic that many casinos employ to increase customer sign up. Technically, these spins are not completely free since they require that players sign up to the website and provide their information but it’s a lot better than other deals where casinos require a minimum deposit in order for players to avail the free spin. But it’s an effective tactic nonetheless. A lot of players started playing because of these kinds of offers by online casinos.

Honest Spins

This is an uncommon free spin usually called a wage-free free spins, meaning there is no wager requirement when using them. So any winnings that you make out of this spin are for players to keep, no strings attached. It is a creative way of luring customers back to the site again and again. But, as I said, this is very rare. Not many casinos would ever willingly offer a wager-free free spin to customers, although it is possible to find one. I personally would love to find one of these rare gems, and if I do, I’m not going to waste my time.

Super Spins

In most cases of free spins, the spin itself has very little value. Yes, we win money but they barely amount to a dollar. I’m not used to winning such small amounts but I can’t really complain since it’s free. But with Super spins, customers have an increased chance of winning bigger amounts. Super spins are usually worth over a dollar so players have higher chances of winning bigger amounts. But no matter what free spins players are offered, these are great opportunities that should not be wasted. It is not every day that casinos hand out these free spins and in rare occasions, players end up winning a few bucks without betting any of their own money.

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