How Much Should You Gamble?

I would be the first to claim that I do not have a gambling addiction problem. Yes, I do go to casinos every once in a while, and yes, I play at online casinos every few days but I assure you I am not a gambling addict. Not a lot of my friends believe this though and I can’t blame them. I did, in fact, have lost a significant amount of money through various means of gambling but I have it under control. I have a system in place to make sure I don’t go overboard. And my bank account is a strong proof that I am a responsible adult who still think about my future and not just throwing around money on card games and slot machines. It’s all about planning, being a smart gambler, and a good betting system.

Gambling 101


I make a fair bit of money in my day job. And with no major responsibilities besides the usual rent/utilities and savings means I have significant disposable income. Some people may spend it traveling or funding their various hobbies but I chose to spend it on gambling. Once all my bills and responsibilities are taken care of, and my monthly savings plan is paid, the rest of my money I use for gambling. But I don’t just bet it all in one go. I plan the games I play at, studying each move as I make, analyzing the track record of the casino. Lately, I’ve been a regular at card games particularly poker and blackjack so I’ve managed to become a decent player at it. Confident in my skills at those games, I stand a good chance of either winning a huge some or minimizing my losses.

Playing Smart

One rule I always follow, I don’t bet more than I am willing to lose. Granted, with my significant budget for gambling my threshold is quite high, I can bet higher than normal but I always have a limit. It took me a while to gain this skill but with practice, I did it and it made me a better gambler. Setting a win limit also helps. When you’re on a winning streak, don’t expect it to last. Quit while you’re ahead or you will end up losing all your winnings. Also, learn to minimize your losses. A smart gambler should know when they are in a losing streak and therefore leave to avoid losing more money, meaning you should withdraw your earnings when you can.

Betting Strategy

This is a strategy that is based on the previous rounds in the game, how much you’ve won or lost. This is perfect for beginners because this kind of system only works in the short term. My personal system is betting 50% more each time I win. Just because I won the previous round doesn’t mean I’m going to win the next one so I bet cautiously but still increasing my betting. With this system, I am able to bet more during wins and minimize my losses.