Best Online Casinos

I am a huge fan of casinos ever since I was old enough to enter in one. I don’t consider myself addicted to gambling by any means, for me, it’s just a hobby. What I look for in casinos is not just about winning but the atmosphere it provides. If you’ve ever been in one, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is a place where you can feel everyone’s excitement. For some reason or another, people are there to enjoy themselves. It is the perfect outlet for escapism. When everyday life is dreary and uneventful, casinos are anything but. With the recent ubiquitousness of the internet nowadays, it seems almost mandatory for casinos to explore its possibilities online, and some have done so successfully. They have even managed to transfer the atmosphere that is a trademark in almost all land-based casinos.

Top Online Casinos

King Billy Casino

A quick Google search will tell you that King Billy Casino is in almost every list of best online casinos and for good reasons. One reason is because of its reliability. King Billy Casino prides itself of a safe transaction without any delays in transferring funds or withdrawing winnings. What I find quite appealing is their medieval atmosphere that pays great attention to details. It offers a huge selection of games, including numerous live dealer games, and it also supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Over the years, it has garnered a flawless reputation owing to the fact that they have an excellent customer care team, as well as great payment options.

Casino Room

Another reputable online casino is Casino Room. Their website offers many languages with a team of customer support agents on standby 24/7. Their progressive jackpot slots are a huge hit among its customers. They, too, have a wide variety of live dealer games for players to choose from. They pride themselves on their 500% first deposit bonus and a fast withdrawal process. They have maintained an almost flawless reputation since its establishment back in the late 1990s.


This online casino is a relatively new player in the game, having only been in operation less than 3 years. But it has jumped in everyone’s list of favorite online casinos because of how they treat their customers. They take every comments and complaint from their customers very seriously. In a very short time, they have an offering of games as wide as other more established casinos. One fact I really like about Malina is it is very to register, only requiring basic information.


I save my personal favorite for last. Since it first started operating, it has maintained a perfect reputation. They also have a very safe and reliable transaction, no hassle or delays in transferring funds or withdrawals. What I love most about 888 are their live dealer games. There are so many to choose from and I have made it my mission to try all of it. As a bonus, they accept PayPal as one of their payment methods, a huge relief on my part.